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How to join a ply-cord belt

Thumbelina Assembly Instructions

1. Have the photos of listing for a reference.

2. The BASE ASSEMBLY: Turn the base table face down. Insert the three legs marked 1, 2 and 3 in the matching holes in the bottom site of the base.

3. Fit the treadle assembly into holes at the low part of the legs 1 and 2 keeping the treadle board up. Secure them with the screws -two of the 3 black provided now.

4. Sit the table on its legs. Insert long posts marked A and B in the matching holes of the base table.

5. The DRIVE WHEEL ASSEMBLY: Lift the wheel in to position between supporters (Posts) A and B. The pinhole in the wheel hub should be closer to the side of Post B.

6. Insert the CRANKSHAFT from Post B in following order: Black plastic ring, Post B, Washer, Drive wheel, Washer, Long post A.

7. Secure wheel to the crankshaft with the black screw provided. To locate the hole in the CRANKSHAFT use first a nail and then the screw.

8. THE CONNECTING ROD: Connect it to the treadle using the screw provided.

9. Connect the other part of the CONROD to the CRANK and lock it with a washer and the fastener provided.

10. Insert the top ends A1 and B1 of the long posts in the matching holes of the Maiden Board. Fix them with the screws provided.

11. Install the two uprights marked 1 and 2 in the matching holes of the Maiden board. They must be flexible to be able to make easy bobbin change when needed.

12. Place the flyer with a bobbin attached as per photo.

13. THE POLY-CORD DRIVE BELT: Wrap the drive belt around the wheel, around the flyer whorl, back around the wheel and around the bobbin Groove. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra. Fuse both ends using a cigarette lighter and the wooden plate provided.

14. Never oil the spinning wheel. Just graphite powder can be used if needed.

15. Your Spinning wheel is ready to use !




1. Unscrew the Maiden board from the Posts A and B.

2. Remove the top part of the Thumbelina including the Maiden board.

3. Attach the half hinge of the top part of the Jumbo Maiden Board to thematching 

half. Lock the two halves with the longer metal rods provided

4. Place the Jumbo Maiden on the place of the normal one in the same way.

5. Fix the two uprights following the marked points using 4 little screws.

6. Combine the Jumbo bobbin parts and use a little wood glue.

7. Place the bobbin on the place.

8. Remember ? the Jumbo attachment is working as a Bobbin drive system!

9. Insert the tension knob from the top part of the maiden board to be able to change the drive belt tension.