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How to join a ply-cord belt

Sleeping Beauty

1 Lie the table face down on a flat surface. Insert and screw all legs into the matching holes. Position the treadle assembly between the leg A and leg C. Fix the hooks to the legs.

2. Sit the table on its legs. Insert the wheel supports in the matching holes keeping the bearing facing inwards and fix them underneath with the wing nuts provided. Insert the crank from support 1 in position and keep it turning freely while tightening the wing nuts. If the bearings are correctly aligned the crank should rotate freely.

3. Place the wheel into position and insert the crank through the post 1 (the opposite side of the spinner), ball bearing, side A of the wheel, the hub, the ball bearing on post 2.

The blue marks on the crank are lined-up with the pin hole and the post 1. It should just enter 1mm in the post.

4. Check the alignment of the holes in the hub and the crank then carefully screw the tension pin through them.

5. Locate the connecting rod onto the crankshaft and secure.

6. Build-up the Flyer Unit.

7. Locate the flyer assembly between the maid uprights.

8. Insert the large screw (belt tensioner) with the wooden handle oi the back side of the bench. Adjust the belt tensioner to the end of flyer’s travel (towards the wheel).

9. Place the unconnected green Polycord (cotton) drive belt over the wheel and wrap it in one continuous band around the bobbin over the wheel again, around the large flyer whorl, cut the excess.

Fuse the two ends if it is a Poly – cord belt. Tighten slowly the belt tensioner until both flyer and bobbin rotate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ready fused Polycord belt must be installed before the Drive wheel and Flyer are fixed.

10. Enjoy your Sleeping beauty Spinning wheel.