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How to join a ply-cord belt


1. Lie the table face down on a flat surface. Wax the dowel ends of the legs so they can be twisted. Insert the leg A into the matching hole in the end of the table. Partially insert leg C into the table. Position the treadle assembly between the leg A and leg C. If necessary twist either leg so the treadle assembly can move freely. Then tap leg C fully into the base.

2. Locate the leg B in place. Insert the metal pins or use some wood glue (depending on the model) to stabilize the legs if necessary .

3. Sit the table on its legs. Place both sides of the shaft wooden bearings and washers in the slots of the wheel supporters. The crankshaft should be on the side of the wheel support away from the spinner. If the bearings are correctly aligned the wheel should rotate freely. Lock with the two short wooden dowels.

4. Connect the leather end of the connecting rod to the crankshaft.

5. Assemble the flyer unit with the base using the bolt, nut and washer provided. Place a bobbin on the spindle. PUSH the flyer whorl onto the spindle until tight.

6. Locate the flyer assembly between the maid uprights and lock it.

7. Tip the spinning wheel onto its front legs and the wheel. Locate the maiden bar base into the table. Position the brass part into the hole in the bench and thread the drive belt tensioner into the brass. When adjusting the drive belt tension, first loosen the knob and then retighten to hold the maiden bar firm.

8. Wrap the drive belt around the wheel, around the flyer pulley, back around the wheel and around the bobbin pulley. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra.

9. If the wheel is supplied with a Poly-cord drive belt, please look at the video ?How to join Policord belt? and follow the instructions. Using the supplied small wooden plate makes this easy.

10. Enjoy your Pipy Spinning wheel !