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How to join a ply-cord belt

Camelot Spinning wheel

Crofter Spinning wheel

Have the photos of your wheel for reference.

Read each step right through before commencing.

1. Connect long wheel supporters A and B to the maiden board at points A1 and B1.

2. Set the long wheel supporters A and B onto the base and insert the bolts in the matching holes. Secure them lightly with the wing nuts and washers.

3. Check the alignment of the holes for the crank.

4. Lift the drive wheel in to position following the marks. The tension pin hole in the wheel hub should be on crank side of hub joint. Insert crank from post B. To secure the wheel locate the hole in the crank by pushing a nail through the hub, twisting the crank back- and forwards until the hole is located. Remove nail and carefully tread tightly the screw through hub and crank. The wheel must rotate freely.

5. Tighten now the wing nuts and washers.

6. Place the uprights in the holes of the mother board as per photos following and matching the marks and fix with the screw. 7. Place flyer with bobbin in position between the uprights and tread the pulley.

8. Fit the tension knob to maiden arm. Thread nylon through the cup hook on the same side and then hook the spring over bobbin on flyer on the other side and tighten tension knob.

9. Connect the connecting rod to the crank shaft and secure with the cotter pin.

10. Tap the two rods into position for bobbin holders.

11. Depending on the way you would like to use the wheel (as a double drive or a single drive & scotch tension) place a driving band as follow

- For Double drive: Wrap the drive belt around the wheel, around the flyer whorl, back around the wheel and around the bobbin pulley. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra,

- For Single drive: Wrap the drive belt around the wheel and around the flyer pulley. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra.

12. Scotch tension: Insert the wooden tension knob in the hole on the opposite side of the flyer. Then the nylon cord should go through the small hook on the same side, the bobbin groove and hang the spring to the small hook on the other side of the maiden board.

13. Enjoy your Crofter Spinning Wheel !