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How to join a ply-cord belt

Bressay Spinning wheel

Please, read the Instructions completely before commencing.

1. Please look at the photos of your wheel in the listing.

2. There are two holes on the bench marked with letters A and B

3. There two long posts marked with the same letters at the

bottom ends.

4. Connect the posts to the mother board at the matchin points.

5. Insert the posts leather rings included in the matching holes of the bench. You may secure the connection points with some wood glue if necessary.

6. Place the wheel between the posts. The side of the hub with the hole for the pin should be heading post A.

7. Insert the crank in post B, then the little black plastic ring, in the hub and then in the post A. The wheel should rotate freely.

8. Connect the conrod to the crankshaft and to the treadle and secure them.

9. Build the top part of the Spinning wheel as per photos.

10. Place the uprights on top of the maiden board at matching points and adjust them at the lowest possible position.

11. Assemble the flyer unit: Insert the bobbin, and then tread the flyer’s pulley. Both the bobbin and the flyer’s pulleys should be positioned next to each other.

12. Wrap the drive belt around the wheel, around the flyer pulley, back around the wheel and around the bobbin pulley. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra.

13. Adjust the required high of the uprights.

14. If the wheel is supplied with a Poly-cord drive belt, please visit , look at the video “How to join Poly-cord belt” and follow the instructions. Using the supplied small wooden plate makes this procedure easy.

15. Enjoy your Bressay Spinning wheel