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How to join a ply-cord belt

Ashford Traveller ST/Single Drive Spinning wheel

Have the photos of your wheel for reference

1. Fit the treadle assembly into holes at bottom of legs 3 and 4 keeping the treadle board up. Take the base section, insert legs 3 and 4 along with the treadle board into the matching holes of the base. Twist them to ensure treadle board does not bind in legs.

2. Repeat the same procedure with the legs 1 and 2.

3. Hammer all legs and make sure that this sits level. Fix the legs using the four small screws.

4. Place the uprights in the holes of the mother board following and matching the marks and fix with the screws.

5. Set the long supporters C and D onto the base rails and tighten in position with bolts and barrel nuts or washers and nuts (depending on model).

6. Connect the mother board to the supporters C and D at points C1 and D1.

7. Set the short wheel supporters A (on the spinners side) and B (on the side away from the spinner) onto the base rails and tighten in position with bolts and barrel nuts or washers and nuts (depending on model).

8. Lift the wheel in to position between supporters A and B. The tension pinhole in the wheel hub should be on crankshaft side of hub joint. Insert crank from B.

9. To secure the wheel locate the hole in the crank by pushing a nail through the hub, twisting the crank back and forwards until the hole is located. Remove nail and carefully tap home the tension pin through hub and crank.

10. Place flyer with bobbin in position between the uprights.

11. Fit the tension knob to maiden arm. Thread nylon through the cup hook on the same side and then hook the spring over bobbin on flyer on the other side and tighten tension knob.

12. Fit the other end of the Leather or Flexible Connecting rod Joint (depending on model) on connecting rod into the slot on the treadle board. Locate connecting rod in place of crank and secure with the cotter pin or O ring (depending on model).

13. Wrap the drive belt around the wheel and around the flyer’s pulley. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra.

14. Tap the three rods into position for bobbin holders.

15. If the wheel is supplied with a Poly-cord drive belt, please look at the video “How to join 

Policord belt” and follow the instructions. Using the supplied small wooden plate makes this easy.

16. Enjoy your Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel !