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How to join a ply-cord belt

Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel                      Single Drive, older model

Please, read the Instructions completely before commencing.

1. Check the small hole is on the top of the side rails.

2.Then secure them to the single leg with the four shorter screws.

3. Check the angle of the side rails and tighten.

4. Wax the steel rods in the treadle rail.

5. Loosely attach the wheel support to the side rails with the long screws. Then locate the treadle rail 

of your choice into the holes in the legs.

6. Check the angle of the single leg.

7. Tighten every screw firmly.

8. Add a drop of oil to the crankshaft bearings.

9. The crankshaft bearings are self-aligning. If it rotates freely it’s perfect.

10. Place the wheel in position and insert the crankshaft.

11. Align the hole in the crankshaft with the pin hole in the hub using a nail

12. Tap the hub pin home through the hub and crank

13. The small piece of leather rod forms a flexible joint at the bottom of the connecting rod.

14. Fit the connecting rod to the crankshaft.

15. Insert the other end of the leather rod through the treadle rail until level with the bottom. Then 

secure with the screw.

16. Assemble the flyer unit. Check the shape of the bearing on each maid upright then insert in the correct hole. Insert the drive belt adjusting knob into the maiden bar, turn until the end just protrudes.

17. Check the angle of the bearings, then secure the maid uprights with screws and washers. Do not 

over tighten.

18. The maid uprights may be twisted to remove the bobbin. Position the drawing pin directly beneath the drive band adjusting knob.

19. Place a bobbin on the flyer and locate the flyer into the bearings. Thread a screw hook into the side of the maiden bar just leveled with the bobbin groove and screw another hook into the opposite side.

20. Use the brake band option when you spin with scotch tension.

21. Attach the flyer unit to the body with 2 screws and washers. These will be tightened shortly.

22. Move the flyer unit until the wheel and large flyer pulley are aligned. Then tighten the screws.

23. Check the end of the adjusting knob is not protruding beneath the maiden bar.

24. Then wrap the drive belt around the wheel and around the large flyer pulley.

25. Tie drive belt and cut off the extra.

26. If the wheel is supplied with a Poly-cord drive belt, please look at the video “How to join Policord belt” and follow the instructions. Using the supplied small wooden plate makes this easy.

27. Assemble the Lazy Kate. Note - the countersunk holes on each upright must face inwards.

28. Enjoy your Spinning wheel !